Mark Francis
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The print making process has entered the digital age and has resulted in considerable cost savings to the art connoisseur. All prints offered here have been scanned with an industrial quality scanner, colour corrected and matched to specialty inks that provide reproductions as true to my original vision as possible.

When requesting a size please provide either the height or width and the corrseponding dimension will be calculated to ensure that the aspect ratio remains the same. Please provide the actual image size you require and we will add on the appropriate amounts for borders.

Please note that some paintings may not be able to be reproduced at the larger sizes as the originals are too small to allow accurate reproduction at larger scales. Typically you can safely double the size of an original and keep the integrity of the image.

Prints are priced as follows and are available in virtually any size (up to 54x96”) and on four basic media:

Fine Art paper stock, un-stretched canvas, stretched canvas with 5/8th” stretcher bars suitable for framing, and stretched canvas with 1.5” stretcher bars that don’t require framing – print goes right to the edge.

Fine Art paper stock: Note: all prints have a 2” white border which is not charged for, 22 cents per square inch, shipped rolled in art tube: Shipping $20.

Un-stretched canvas: Shipped rolled in art tubes, 22 cents per square inch, shipping $20.

Stretched Canvas, 5/8th” stretcher bars, suitable for framing: 25 cents per square inch. Shipped collect.

Stretched Canvas – no frame required: 35 cents per square inch (covers the cost of larger stretcher bars and printing around the edges of the canvas).